Best Japanese Fountain Pen

best Japanese Fountain Pen

Japanese characters are small and intricately detailed. Due to the complexity of these characters, an ordinary fountain pen will struggle to write complex Japanese characters.

The Japanese writing style is undoubtedly one of the most delicate writing styles on Earth, and some of the hardest to master.

All hope isn’t lost, though. We scoured the pen market high and low to find the best Japanese fountain pen available. For our money, the Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen stands miles ahead of the competition, though it’s not the only great fountain pen from Japan.

Here’s our detailed roundup of the best Japanese fountain pens available on the market.

Top 3 Japanese Fountain Pen (Top Pick)

Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen

Platinum Fountain Pen #3776 Century (Medium, Laurel Green)
  • Equipped accesories : Elegant gift box with 1 ink cartridge (converter is sold separately)
  • 14K large nib - moderate hardness and softness for writing
  • Features: Cartridge type / no ink dry for 2 years if the cap is closed
  • Newly released in 2019 as a successor to the PNB-10000 series

In true Japanese craftsmanship, the quality and design of this pen are noticeably different from American classic fountain pens. The body is lightweight, made from quality resin, and comes in a virtually perfect size for any hand.

This pen comes in over ten different styles, from reds and blues to black and even platinum, yet we want to make a special mention of the Oshino variation.

This cigar-shaped Japanese fountain pen comes with a clear plastic body. The transparent pen design is inspired by the eight beautiful springs that are fed with the fresh melting waters running from Mount Fuji, making the many rivers that cascade down its height.

This writing instrument comes with a modern, easy-to-use cartridge with blue-black ink included in the box. Several other colors are available if you find that the dark ink is too oppressive for what you have in mind.

You’ll also be happy to know that the slim barrel supports a piston converter. This piston converter should let traditionalists use bottled ink to refill their favorite new Japanese pen rather than the plain cartridge options.

Almost all Japanese fountain pens cater to fine line calligraphy. The 3776 is perfect for this writing style as the beautiful 14k gold fine tip helps emphasize details.

Gold tips have often been praised for the softer touch it offers a writer. This material isn’t only stylish but complements your refined writing style perfectly. It’s a perfect testament to function over form.

As expected from such a finely crafted Japanese writing instrument, this pen is perfect for writing and sketching alike.

Overall, this pen offers smooth writing, which only improves with a steady and accurate hand. While it may be slightly more difficult for newcomers, the generous ink flow will go a long way to making things easier.

It’s excellent for writing and drawing, even if you’ve never really mastered the art of working with a fountain pen.


  • Variety of fine nibs
  • Unique style and personality
  • Lightweight body
  • Compatible with both cartridges and piston converters


  • Expensive
  • The fine tip may be difficult to master

Muji Aluminum Body Fountain Pen

No products found.

The Muji is an aluminum pen. Aluminum makes the body of this pen lighter than other pens. This light weight body should help with extra fine, detailed writing, such as writing Japanese characters.

Despite being an aluminum body, it’s expertly crafted and looks sleek and modern. There’s a distinct minimalist design in this pen.

The diameter is also consistent along the length of the pen, which also makes it easier to grip and write with.

While the pen’s body is made from aluminum, this fountain pen comes with a plastic ink cartridge. Since the cartridges are made from plastic, they are more affordable and will save you money in the long run.

Not only are the cartridges affordable, but they’re also quick and easy to install and replace. The cartridges are also international, standard-sized cartridges.

This standardized size will allow anyone willing to experiment with the opportunity to replace the ink with another ink from their favorite brand.

The Muji comes with a fine tip that you can easily replace with any size nib that you require. However, you may not even need to replace the standard steel nib. It’s a finely crafted nib, and the Muji is a great pen that offers an excellent writing experience, even to newcomers.

This pen allows the ink to flow quickly and freely without being a wet writer. You can expect to do some pretty detailed writing without any unseemly blotches.

This pen is light, but it won’t feel as if it’s going to fly right out of your hand. Some users report that the cap doesn’t always sit soundly on the back when writing, but we didn’t encounter any of these problems during our testing.

The Maji is a great, affordable Japanese pen that’s perfect for beginners.


  • Easy to write with
  • Sleek, modern styling
  • Lightweight body
  • Affordable ink cartridges


  • The matt finish may not be to everyone’s taste
  • Plastic cartridges may be prone to leaking

Sailor 1911 Standard Black GT

Sailor 1911 Standard Black GT 14K Gold Medium Point Fountain Pen - 11-1219-420 by Sailor
  • 1911 Standard Black GT 14K Gold Medium Point Fountain Pen
  • Fountain Pen Medium Point

Sailor has long been one of those legendary fountain pen manufacturers. Continuing in true Sailor tradition, the Sailor 1911 Standard Black GT is incredibly stylish. This pen will look fantastic in any boardroom.

The black and 14k gold finish creates an impressive writing instrument that follows the traditional cigar shape. Do take note that it’s a bit shorter than other regular fountain pens. So if you have large hands, you may find it difficult to write with this Japanese pen.

Like most Sailor pens, the 1911 also comes in both cartridge and converter fill variations. This variety will allow you to use a wide selection of inks with the 1911. Some of the popular ink colors tend to be red, yellow, and black.

The reservoir is large enough to keep you writing for hours on end. However, piston converters aren’t compatible with this Sailor model. So, it’s best to stick to the standard cartridge refills that’ll save you time and effort.

Writing with the 1911 is an experience. The ink flow is fast and almost wet, so a light hand is required. However, it creates solid lines that even beginners can master.

Like most Japanese-sized nibs, the medium tip does write almost twice as thick as its European counterpart. So, it may be best to stick to the fine and extra-fine tip ranges for clear, sharp lines.

Sailor pens aren’t affordable pens, yet they come with some of the best Japanese engineering around. While the 1911 has a gold tip, the medium tip is best avoided if you want intricate and detailed writing. Otherwise, it makes for an excellent gift that any fountain pen enthusiast will enjoy for years to come.


  • Fast ink flow
  • Beautiful styling
  • 14k Gold nib
  • Compatible with a variety of inks


  • Shorter pen
  • Not compatible with piston converters


Japanese pens may not be affordable, but they are some of the best fountain pens to add to your collection. Especially if you want a fountain pen that helps with detailed, tiny writing.
Japanese fountain pen craftsmanship is renowned worldwide for its excellent quality and many unique writing instruments.

You’ll quickly find that they are some of the best fountain pens that you can buy.

Japanese Fountain Pen FAQs

Are Japanese fountain pens the best in the world?

Determining the best fountain pen in the world is quite challenging. Some people may prefer a wet writer with broad lines, while others prefer a smooth, small writing fountain pen.

While most Japanese fountain pens excel at writing tiny, detailed characters, when paired with an extra-fine or fine nib, we think the best fountain pen is the one that suits your writing style. If you’re looking for a great pen – you’ll also need some great ink. Consider investing in the best black fountain pen ink.

Are fountain pens popular in Japan?

Fountain pens are quite popular in Japan. This popularity is due to the sleek professionalism and well-blended traditional roots of the fountain pen.

The Japanese fountain pen market reached a whopping $15.5 million in sales during 2019. This sales figure shows how popular fountain pens are in Japan.

Is a fountain pen a good gift for my Japanese business associate?

A fountain pen is a great gift for anyone, especially business associates. Not only do they signify lucrative, future contracts to be signed, but they are useful modern writing instruments.

If you plan on giving a fountain pen as a gift, keep an eye out for promotions or bundles. You can often find that a quality fountain pen comes with a stylish display or gift box that will only add to its prestige.

Which fountain pens are made in Japan?

There are plenty of fountain pen brands that are made in Japan. The most popular brands, however, are Pilot, Sailor, Platinum, Muji, and even Namiki. All of these popular brands are well-loved by fountain pen enthusiasts from all over the world.

Are Japanese fountain pens difficult to use?

Japanese fountain pens aren’t any more difficult to master than a regular fountain pen. The only noticeable difference is that Japanese medium tips tend to be fast flowers, and wet writers.

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