Best Parker Fountain Pen

best parker fountain pen

Parker offers a combination of design, functionality, and style in every pen that they produce.  

The company is a leader in the industry by combining state-of-the-art technology to make some of the most innovative solutions on the market. 

Read our best Parker fountain pen review to find out which is the best option for you.

6 Best Parker Fountain Pens (Our Review)

Sonnet Lacquer Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen (Best Overall)

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen | Black Lacquer with Gold Trim | Medium Nib | Gift Box
  • Black-lacquer cap and barrel accented by gold-finished clip and trim
  • Fountain pen design with stainless-steel nib
  • Hand assembled and checked for flawless quality
  • Available in a range of beautiful designs and finishes
  • Packaged in a PARKER premium gift box

The Sonnet series is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. It Includes several designs suitable for different tastes. Every intricate detail in the Sonnet lacquer fountain pen is skilfully executed and adds sophistication to any writing occasion. 

The sleek cigar shape allows the pen to sit comfortably in your hand. 

It has a medium nib with a matt black lacquered cap and barrel and gold-plated clip and trim. This nib size is good for making lines of variable thickness. The medium nib has a larger ink flow for a writing experience that’s less scratchy than fountain pens with fine ends.

The fountain pen was created to have optimal weight and balance to ensure that you have the most comfort while writing. 

Its modern design highlights Parker’s dedication to quality. The inner mechanism is expertly assembled, so you know this is a pen Parker promises to work for a long time.


  • Gold finish trim
  • Stainless steel nib
  • Eighteen-carat pure gold finish


  • Replacing ink is difficult

Urban Muted Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen (Most Elegant)

Parker Urban Fountain Pen | Muted Black with Gold Trim | Fine Nib with Blue Ink | Gift Box
  • Sleek hourglass curves offer a bold, modern look designed to pair with your personal style
  • Muted black lacquer with a powdery touch complemented by gold finish trim and the signature PARKER arrow clip
  • Durable engraved stainless steel nib delivers a dependable and personal writing experience
  • Ergonomic shape conforms to your natural grasp, providing the perfect weight and balance
  • Sophisticated gifting for all occasions, the fountain pen is presented in a PARKER gift box with a long blue QUINK ink cartridge

Parker’s iconic and globally renowned Urban range of fountain pens got an update recently that includes a new clip, new branding, and a more attractive price point. 

The new model brings with it lovely etched nibs, imparting an elegance usually reserved for pens from a high-end price point. 

It’s made of durable steel giving it a substantial weight that makes it comfortable to hold. Beginners might struggle getting accustomed to the weight, especially if you’re used to using disposable ballpoint pens.

The Urban Muted Fountain Pen is equipped with ink cartridges or converters. This is beneficial because cartridges can prevent overflow.


  • Ergonomic shape with comfortable grip
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price


  • No refill converter

Parker Brown Rubber Lacquer Fountain Pen (Best for Calligraphers)

Parker Sonnet Brown Rubber Lacquer Pink Gold Trim Medium Nib Fountain Pen - Gift Boxed
  • Assembled by hand and checked to ensure flawless quality
  • Stylish and classic design for every occasion
  • 18K solid gold nib
  • Higher end metallic finish suitable for every occasion
  • Iconic cisele pattern highlighting the Sonnet's ingenuity and technical mastery

Parker gives us a modern design with a brown rubber lacquer to create a softer grip. It’s delicately assembled. We appreciate that this pen is carefully assembled by hand and checked for impeccable quality, thus achieving high precision and excellent writing comfort. 

This pen is available in eleven finishes and two trimming accents, so you’re bound to find something for you no matter your style. The durable nib is highly flexible, making it a great choice for calligraphers. It adapts to different angles and delivers every stroke with a continuous flow of ink. 

This Parker fountain pen represents the timeless elegance that’s become associated with the brand.  

What little plastic the designers use is expertly hidden. While it may look dainty and delicate, the precise construction makes it an ideal pen for daily use. You don’t need to worry about it coming apart and leaking ink all over your bag or jacket.


  • Medium-sized tip
  • A rhodium-plated 18K nib
  • Eleven body finishes and  two trimming options
  • Two-year warranty


  • Does not come with a cartridge

Parker 51 Fountain Pen (Best Style)

Parker 51 Fountain Pen | Midnight Blue Barrel with Chrome Trim | Fine Nib with Black Ink Cartridge | Gift Box
  • Parker 51 is a modern take on the original icon once hailed as the ‘world’s most wanted’ first launched in 1941
  • Durable glossy Midnight Blue precious resin barrel and stainless steel cap with palladium finish trims and the signature PARKER arrow clip
  • Featuring a unique hooded stainless steel nib delivering a writing experience that is both reliable and personal
  • A distinctive streamlined silhouette with a seamless transition from barrel to nib, benefitting from Parker’s expertise for superior craftmanship
  • A unique yet sophisticated gift, your Parker 51 fountain pen is presented in a premium PARKER gift box with a long black QUINK ink cartridge

The Parker 51 was introduced in 1948 and doesn’t have the large and highly stylized nib like many classic fountain pens. The nib is considered “hooded” because the handle covers most of it.

This gives the Parker 51 fountain pen a smooth writing experience. This pen is comfortable and is well-balanced.

A word of warning, this pen isn’t great for new fountain pen users who may not be used to the weight and shape. 

The Parker 51 fountain pen was relaunched in 2021 with two versions – one with a stainless steel nib and the other with an 18-carat gold nib.


  • Fine nib
  • Comes with an ink cartridge


  • Only available with black ink

Parker 21 Fountain Pen (Best for Beginners)

parker 21

Parker 21 was the company’s response to the success of 51 pens. Parker first launched this pen back in 1948 and again in 1965. The nib is similar to the Parker 51 hooded nib.  

The Parker 21 has a steel nib which is less flexible than the more expensive gold. This makes it a good option for beginners, as flexible nibs can be tricky to get the hang of.

While steel nibs are good for beginner writers, they’re not great for calligraphy which needs more variable line width.

These fountain pens use ink bladders rather than cartridges or a converter. Filling ink bladders is easier, but they run out of ink faster than their counterparts.


  • Fine nib design
  • It offers a smooth writing experience


  • Parker Quink Black ink only

Parker IM Fountain Pen (Best for Everyday Use)

Parker IM Fountain Pen | Black Lacquer with Gold Trim | Fine Nib with Blue Ink Refill | Gift Box
  • Smart, polished and established designs meet a modern, tapered silhouette
  • Glossy black lacquer finish complemented with gold trims and the signature PARKER arrow clip
  • Durable stainless steel fine nib delivers a writing experience that’s both reliable and personal
  • A comfortable and ergonomic shape is paired with superior PARKER craftsmanship to evoke the brand’s rich heritage
  • An affordable yet sophisticated gift, your fountain pen is presented in a PARKER gift box with a long blue QUINK ink cartridge

The Parker IM is a surprising little pen. You might even not notice that it’s a fountain pen when you first see it. It’s small, not much bigger than an expensive ballpoint pen. 

These fountain pens are clearly going for a modern design, which unfortunately makes them look quite plain. Still, for a $25 price point, it’s a good line of pens for everyday use.

The nibs are small, but they have a surprisingly good flow and don’t clog easily. 

The cheap plastic material is a bit of a letdown, but it’s sturdy enough and has a good weight to it.


  • Nibs don’t clog easily
  • Good weight


  • Plain looking


For our money, the best Parker fountain pen is the Sonnet. Not only do we like the look of it, but the fine nib and eighteen-carat gold trim make it a treat to write with. 

To give the pen an even more extravagant aesthetic, the design also includes a gold clip that’s finished off with the classic arrow design that most Parker pens are known to have.

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