How To Refill A Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

how to refill a montblanc fountain pen

Montblanc fountain pens are meant to last you a lifetime. This being the case, they’ll need to be refilled with enough ink to keep them going.

Luckily, the process is easy. Here’s an easy detailed guide on how to refill a Montblanc fountain pen.

Refilling A Montblanc Fountain Pen

Types Of Fountain Pens

There are 2 types of Montblanc fountain pens. The method you use to refill your fountain pen depends entirely on which filling mechanism your pen uses.

Your pen will either use a cartridge-based filing system or a piston-converter-based one. A cartridge-based filing system involves inserting an ink cartridge into your pen. A piston-converter-based filing system uses a converter to draw ink into the reservoir using a piston mechanism.

How To Refill A Cartridge Pen

The first step is to unscrew the barrel of the pen from the grip. Twist the barrel counterclockwise until it comes loose, exposing the cartridge.

Remove the cartridge from the ink feed. Here you have two options: you can either discard the old cartridge or reuse it when it’s time to clean your fountain pen. With a little adjustment and an ink syringe, you can turn your old cartridges into makeshift converters.

When getting new ink cartridges to fill your fountain pen, it’s important to purchase from manufacturers compatible with your pen because some brands have different builds.

If you have a compatible one, insert it inside the grip section with the stopper in front. The stopper is the small section at the tip and is clear of any ink. After you place the cartridge inside the grip, push it in until you hear it click into place.

The click is the sound of the stopper being pierced, which allows the ink drops to flow through it.

After the new cartridge is installed, place the barrel over the cartridge and onto the grip section. After turning it on tightly, your job is complete.

You can hold the nib end-down over a paper towel for a few seconds and then write a bit to get the ink flowing normally again.

mont blanc fountain pen

How To Refill A Converter Pen

Instead of using ink cartridges, converter pens are filled using bottled ink. Montblanc’s specially formulated bottled ink is recommended, but any compatible brand will do. Always be mindful of the type you use, because some inks can damage your fountain pen.

Once you’ve got the proper bottled ink, you can begin.

First, unscrew the barrel to expose the converter. Turn the converter counterclockwise to open up the nib. Make sure the pen is facing downwards with a paper towel beneath it to prevent leaking black ink and staining surfaces.

Place the nib of the pen into the ink bottle and twist it clockwise. This will fill the converter with ink using the piston knob. Keep the nib submerged in the ink bottle and screw the converter until it’s full.

You’ll know it’s full when you can’t twist the converter anymore.

You then twist the converter clockwise to stimulate the movement of ink. Ink will drip out of your nib, so hold it over your bottle to prevent any spills. A few ink drops should be enough to regulate the ink flow, then you turn the converter clockwise to close the nib.

After reattaching the barrel, you’ll want to wipe the nib with a paper towel or lint-free cloth to remove any excess.


No matter which type of pen you use to draw and scribble, following our guide on how to refill a Montblanc fountain pen will keep you writing after only a few minutes of work.

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