LAMY Fountain Pen Review

LAMY fountain pen review

LAMY offers a variety of quality fountain pens at a middling price range, but finding the one that suits your needs perfectly can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. We got the chance to try our hands at some of the best LAMY fountain pens on the market, and we had a blast with them.

This brand is famous for offering quality fountain pens to suit almost any budget. They’re a great option for anyone who’s never used a fountain pen or even seasoned veterans looking to expand their collection. 

This LAMY fountain pen review covers some fan favorites of the LAMY brand, from popular stalwarts like the LAMY AL-Star to niche selections like the LAMY Safari fountain pen. No matter which style, weight, or price point you’re looking for, this review will definitely have something for you to say “I love my LAMY.”

7 Best LAMY Fountain Pens (Our Review)

LAMY CP1 Fountain Pen (Best Overall)

Lamy CP1 Matte Black Fountain Pen - Extra Fine by Lamy
  • Cylindrical body with sprung, axle mounted clip made of solid stainless steel
  • Matt black lacquer finish
  • Steel nib, polished
  • With Lamy ink cartridge T10 blue, can be modified for use with convert Z27
  • Designer: Gerd A. Muller / Lamy

What we like about this fountain pen is that it has a high-quality, luxurious platinum finish, and it comes with a 14 carat two-tone anodized golden fine nib. This keeps the tip from suffering environmental damage like corrosion and rust which give the fountain pens a longer lifespan.

If gold isn’t your thing, you can always swap out the nibs on these fountain pens for stainless steel nibs which are a bit firmer. 

It’s designed with clean, sharp lines which give the pen a more toned-down appearance. The cylindrical shape is striking and makes the pen comfortable to hold without having to use a strong grip that can lead to cramping.

The pen writes smoothly and the ink flow is even and consistent, so smudging and feathering are minimal, provided you use the appropriate paper.

It comes in a black box embossed with the LAMY logo, so you can easily give it as a pre-packaged gift to someone special. The box includes a LAMY L10 cartridge and a LAMY LZ26 ink converter. This allows you to use an ink bottle as well as a converter, so choosing inks is a breeze.


  • Two-tone anodized gold nib
  • Platinum finish
  • Stainless steel nib


  • Not well balanced

Black LAMY Aion Fountain Pen (Best Budget)

LAMY 4031940...
  • The smooth deep-drawn aluminum body components are the first of their kind and give the Series a unique, harmonious appearance.
  • Brushed and blasted surfaces are refined with a brilliant matte Black anodized coating.
  • The sturdy high-gloss polished clip rounds off the overall design perfectly.

If you’re looking for a high-quality LAMY fountain pen that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, this one’s for you. This LAMY pen comes with an aluminum finish and rough end to give you an easier grip while you write.

The nibs on the LAMY Aion are unlike anything we’ve seen before. Like with other LAMY pens, the nibs are interchangeable. However, the nibs on the LAMY Aion are rounded at the end. 

This doesn’t do much to change the feel of the pen while writing, but it does give a nice scratchy sound that feels different from what we’re used to. It’s great for calligraphy, and the fine nib can be changed out for a calligraphy one without too much hassle.

The weight is evenly distributed, so it sits well in your hand. You can see the level of thought and care on display, as the pen posts beautifully and doesn’t throw off the weight.

It’s slightly larger than other fountain pens on the market, but it’s surprisingly light given its size. This is ideal for people who are new to fountain pens and don’t necessarily have the dexterity needed to write for hours on end without their hands cramping.


  • Unique nib
  • Large clip
  • Comfortable grip


  • No included cartridge converter

Aquamarine LAMY Safari Fountain Pen – Limited Edition (Best For Calligraphy)

LAMY safari candy 021 Fountain Pen - Modern Aquamarine Colour Fountain Pen with Ergonomic Handle and Timeless Design - Nib Size F - Special Model
  • The fountain pen with the housing made of ABS plastic impresses with its elegant and shiny design, which is rounded off by the silver steel nib and the turquoise self-springing metal clip
  • Effortless writing thanks to the distinctive recessed grips: thanks to the ergonomically shaped grip zone, the Lamy fountain pen sits securely in the hand - for a comfortable writing experience
  • Give joy as a gift: the Lamy Safari fountain pen in the special edition is the ideal fountain pen for children from the 3rd class, it is also suitable for teenagers and adults
  • Box contents: 1 x Lamy Safari Candy fountain pen 021 in aquamarine nib size F / includes 1 x large ink cartridge T 10 in blue / compatible with the Z28 converter for sustainable use
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

The bright color on LAMY’s limited edition Aquamarine Safari Fountain Pen gives off a summery air. Some of the more traditional fountain pen users might get turned off by the plastic body and vibrant neon color, but we thought it was fun.

The LAMY Safari fountain pen comes standard with a stainless steel nib but it can be swapped out for others if need be. We used a fine nib for ours, which paired really well with it as the body has grooves carved into the sides to help you hold it comfortably. 

While it might not be the first choice for many old-heads, it’s an excellent choice for calligraphy as it’s lightweight and sturdy. This allows you to write quickly and not have to worry about feathering and smudging.

Despite the plastic, arguably cheap appearance, we wouldn’t really recommend the LAMY Safari fountain pen to anyone new to fountain pens. It’s better to start off with something a little heavier to slow down your strokes and give you a bit more practice.


  • Available in bright colors
  • Interchangeable nibs


  • Ink bottle not included
  • Not for beginners

Black LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen – Gold Nib (Best For Everyday Use)

LAMY 1201350 Fine Nib Fountain Pen
  • 14 ct gold nib, platinum coated, hand polished.
  • Available nib grades: extra fine (EF) / fine (F) / medium (M) / broad (B) / extra broad (BB) / oblique, medium (OM) / oblique, broad (OB) / oblique, extra broad (OBB).
  • Designer: Gerd A. Müller

This fountain pen features a modern design. The barrel is made from Makrolon, a type of fiberglass. This is great because it transforms this writing instrument into a lightweight fountain pen that feels soft to the touch and good in your hands.  

We like the fact that the LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen uses a piston filling system. Piston fillers hold much more ink than other cartridges, which means you can keep writing for hours without having to refill it. Like other LAMY pens, the nib is interchangeable, giving you a host of options to choose from.

The LAMY 2000 fountain pen comes with a 14-carat platinum-plated and hand-polished gold nib. With a gold nib, you get a little more flexibility when you write and you can expect it to last longer than steel or rhodium.

Not only does it look great, but it also offers you a superior ink flow than most other LAMY pens. This is one pen with fantastic line variation, and probably the best in the LAMY range for calligraphy and everyday use.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Gold nib
  • Piston filling system


  • Pricey

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen (Best Design)

Lamy Studio Imperial Blue Fountain Pen Fine Nib
  • Matt dark blue lacquer finish
  • Steel propeller-shaped clip
  • Polished steel nib
  • Supplied with converter LAMY Z 27
  • Designer Hannes Wettstein

The LAMY Studio fountain pen was designed by the award-winning German industrial designer Hannes Wettstein. It shares the sharp lines and contrast between light and dark metal that he was renowned for. 

While the metal body and steel finish gives the Studio a contemporary look, we found that it made it a little uncomfortable to hold as it would occasionally slip around in your hand. As great as this LAMY pen looks, it’s, unfortunately, a case of form over function.

The clip is unlike anything we’ve seen on another pen, as it turns down the length. It’s similar to a helicopter propeller. The seam on the barrel is beautiful and tight, so the pen posts nicely and there’s no rattling as you write.

This pen uses a converter ink reservoir which makes refilling it a bit more of a challenge.


  • Superior design
  • Helicopter clip
  • 14k two-tone gold nib


  • You have to manually change the ink cartridge

Lamy Lx Fountain Pen (Most Comfortable)

Lamy Studio Lx Fountain Pen 066 - All Black - Fine Nib
  • Limited special edition 2019
  • Matt lacquer finish and steel propeller-shaped clip
  • Polished steel nib
  • 1 x LAMY T10 blue ink cartridge included and can be used with the LAMY Z 27 converter
  • Designed by Hannes Wettstein

The LAMY LX features an aluminum body and an ergonomic black plastic handle. 

What’s great about this pen is that the aluminum body and metal clip are anodized. This means that this fountain pen is extra resilient to scratches and environmental damage, so you don’t have to worry about your pen rusting or coloring.

The LAMY LX Fountain Pen comes with a black stainless steel nib that’s coated with a special PVC layer to give it a nice shine. You can choose between a medium, extra-fine or fine nib. Fine and extra-fine nibs are great for experienced writers who know exactly how much pressure to apply for their desired line variation.

This pen comes with a small ink window, which we absolutely love, so that you can keep track of your ink levels as you write.


  • Ink window
  • Stainless steel nib
  • PVC coated nib
  • Anodized body


  • Ink bottle and converter not included
  • Pricey

Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen (Most Durable)

Lamy Al-Star Black Fine Special Edition Fountain Pen
  • Aluminium Pacific anodised
  • Ergonomic plastic grip.
  • Metal clip.
  • Polished steel nib.

We’re ashamed to say that we dropped the LAMY AL-Star a few times when we were testing it, but it escaped with no scratches or dents, which was surprising.

It’s a beautiful pen with a big clip that can easily secure it to your shirt pocket. It’s not the most attractive thing in the world – looking like an enlarged paperclip – but it’s great for keeping the pen in place and limiting the risk of seepage.

The side of the barrel is slightly flattened which allows the pen to sit comfortably in your hand. If your pen doesn’t sit comfortably, you’re going to end up with a cramp after an hour or two. 

While the lightweight design might attract pinch-grip writers, it can feel a little clumsy to use from time to time. It takes a while to get used to writing with such a light pen if you’re accustomed to the heavier, bulky designs.


  • Aluminum cap and barrel
  • Big clip
  • Affordable


  • Extra light
  • Takes practice


I’ve you’ve ever purchased any LAMY fountain pens, you’re already well aware of the balance between cost and quality that the company strikes beautifully. While they don’t have all the bells and whistles of premium brands like a Pilot Metropolitan or Parker IM, they cost a third of the price.

At the end of the day, LAMY produces pens that are made for more than just looking good. Their products are aimed at people who actually plan on using their pens for writing and not just looking good in a display case, and we have to commend them for that.

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